Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mt. Shasta

Hi Friends-

I recently returned from a trip to Mt. Shasta. I am fortunate it is only a short trip up the road, only 1 hour and I not only can enjoy the beautiful scenery, but much cooler weather. Here in Redding Ca., we are blessed with the beauty of the mountain on a daily basis, but as you get ever near the mountain, you realize what a true beauty it is! So Lucky to be able to see it from my backyard, but not as up close and personal as I saw this past week.

We had a couple of mornings of sun, but mostly rain off and on and some hail. After one of the rainstorms, we were treated with a beautiful rainbow. I think I should have driven just another block up the road, and I would have surely found that pot of gold-it was looming close! 

We enjoyed our visit with one another, as well as, spent the entire week making cards and I actually was able to finally finish my youngest grandson's baby album that I started 9 months ago! turned out so cute. I will post some pics soon!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful spring weather-(at least here in N. Ca.)

See you soon-

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