Sunday, December 16, 2012


I'm having a very hard time this weekend doing anything productive. Friday’s horrific events in Newtown, CT have me stunned and paralyzed. To go on with mundane activities of everyday life, or even Christmas shopping or creating, seems beyond my capabilities and even offensive.

I've been a preschool teacher and mentor teacher for over 20 years. We've practiced these "intruder, or I call them----bunny in the hole" drills numerous times. And, I will admit, I have felt frustrated with having to practice something so "out there and unrealistic." And, then try to explain to the children, why we’re practicing something that requires them to be crammed into a corner, to be quiet, in the dark while I lock the door and draw the blinds.

But, now, it's not unimaginable or unrealistic. It is someone’s reality. Many someone’s! I can't even imagine the terror, the emotion, the utter disbelief that went through those teachers minds. The children were probably unable to really process what was happening. But the teachers.... they knew exactly what was coming. They had time to think it through. They had time to think about their own kids or their own friends in other parts of the building. Unimaginable!!!!

I can now fully understand what makes a Hero. What would I have done? How would I have reacted? Would I have been as brave? Would I have been able to hold it together to do what needed to be done?

I just don't know...

So, that's where I am this weekend, unable to create, or listen to Christmas music, or put up my tree. I sit here and every time I turn on the TV and hear more, I just cry! How can I go on knowing how my "job" has now changed, Greatly! I guess it really hasn't changed, but my understanding of it and my responsibility has definitely changed.

I leave you with an address I found on-line, pray for those lives lost, for the families that are left behind and for the world to be a safer place to send our children each and every day to get an education. Please send a card to let them know we care and our thougths and prayers are with them.

A few kits still available

Hi Friends-

I still have a limited supply of Christmas Card kits available. Each card kit is $5 and includes all materials needed to complete the card, photo and instructions.

If you are interested, contact me and I will get it to you right away, they are ready to go!
Merry Christmas Cocoa Cup

Celebrate the Season

Christmas Countdown
Have a Happy Holiday

Friday, December 7, 2012


Hello Friends-

Oh MY!!!!! Time, I never have enough of that, especially at the holiday time! The children in my class are full of wonderment, laughter, Exuberance, and GERMS!!! Needless to say, they have been very kind to share the later (GERMS)-with whom else? ME-oh so lucky ME! I love my kiddos :)

But with that, I am now delayed on a couple of classes, and hopeful projects that I must come to terms with, just aren't going to happen! :(

BUT.....I have some FABULOUS (If I do say so myself) projects coming right after the first of the year~ Keep your eyes aglow, as I s...l...o...w...l...y post sneak peek pictures of these events and classes for the future!

To give a hint.......
  • A vintage Valentine Album
  • A Desk Calendar
  • A Years worth of Photos Mini Display
  • Stampin' Up New Catalog Showcase projects Day with Make-N-Takes
  • and much, much more~~~~~
Have a great weekend-and I will be at Rock, Paper, Scissors on Sat. Dec. 8th with kits from my last few classes and events if you missed out on some of the fun~

Have a great weekend


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