Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Year in the Life!

Just taught this wonderful class this weekend-and we had so much fun! I had 9 ladies making this fabulous "Year in the Life" photo holder. Here is a peek at one of the months!

There is one page for each month to display a fabulous picture! The ladies brought their photos of loved ones and different events they wanted to document and we had a blast putting together their "Year In A Life" mini's!
I have one kit left if you are interested! It comes complete with photo's and instructions.
If you want more info. on events like this one-email me!!!

Have a great week-Heidi


  1. This is the one you could make as a calendar or as a photo holder, right? Be sure to save me for for Michele! It is darling!

  2. This is another fabulous project! If you are the designer of all these fun projects, then you are very talented! I love them all, and this one is no exception! Clever, colorful, and so eye catching. Great!



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