Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where did the summer go?

So, for those of you who may still be out there-but have given up on me........
I am still alive and well, a little crazy-but that's life (at least mine)! :)

So, a little update is in order-
I have been very busy creating cards and getting ready for a new store here in Redding to open. It is called "Enjoy the store." It is a gift store for local atisans to sell there wares. Artists selling in the store have been hand chosen through a jury selection process. YAHOOO- My cards were chosen. It has been a very long process, but the store is opening this month, soooo, I have been busily creating. I have completed 10 different designs, with a total of 100 cards to be in the store to begin with-hope it all works well for all!

I will posting samples in the next few days for you to see. If you are interested in purchasing them, I am working on an etsy shop, which I hope to have up and running in the next few weeks -so keep your eyes here for that also. (PS>Scrappin' Friends (my scrapbook store-is doing well and is keeping me very busy also teaching classes, etc.). No time for boredom in my corner of the world :)

See you soon-hope this finds all of you well!

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